Orders made through the site or through Zazz-id customer service will be sent via jne.


  • Monday-Friday: 15.00 WIB
  • Saturday: 12.00 WIB
  • National Sundays & Holidays: No shipping


If the goods have not been received within 25 days of the receipt being sent, the Buyer can file a complaint with and the Zazz party will help trace the related package to JNE. If within 25 days there are any complaints from the Buyer, then Exacoat has the authority to complete the transaction and has fulfilled its obligation to deliver the goods and inform the delivery receipt number.

Complaints submitted after 25 days cannot be processed, because the normal limit for submitting a complaint on goods has not been received.


If you receive a product defect, aka a production error, please contact us via Whatsapp / Line @ / Email accompanied by a photo of the product you received at a maximum of 5×24 hours after the product you received. The product you receive will be replaced with a new one, with the note that the product is still attached to the base. If the product has been removed from the base, you can process the warranty claim.

If you receive a product that is not in accordance with the order, whether there is a lack or error in cutout, color, type of gadget, etc., please contact us via Whatsapp / Email accompanied by a photo of the product you received in a maximum of 5 × 24 hours after the item is received. The product can only be returned if the product condition is still perfect.


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